Actor Daniel Craig feared he misheard Steven Spielberg's name when he received a call to meet the director - and was being duped into doing business with a porn producer.

The British star's planned meeting with Spielberg was shrouded in mystery, because the director's staff refused to divulge any information other than the time and place of the appointment.

And the bizarre call left Craig convinced he was either the victim of an elaborate prank or poised to meet a movie-maker bearing a similar name to Steven Spielberg, as opposed to the OSCAR-winning legend himself.

He tells British magazine EMPIRE, "I just got a call to go and see him in Paris. And I did. I didn't f**king believe it because they were being so secretive. I thought it was a f**king joke.

"I thought I'd get there and they'd say, 'It's f**king STEFAN SPIELMAN, mate. Porn producer.'"

However, Craig was proved wrong when he was greeted by Spielberg - and offered a starring role in his latest movie VENGEANCE.

17/05/2005 21:38