British actor Daniel Craig cringes when he recalls his first meeting with Road To Perdition castmates Tom Hanks and Paul Newman, because he acted like "such an a**ehole".

The two film stalwarts and director Sam Mendes invited Craig to dinner shortly before shooting started on the 2002 movie, but the big screen newcomer was so nervous in such famous company, he couldn't physically find the words to answer their friendly questions.

However, much to Craig's bewilderment, Hanks found the actor's concise comments hilarious.

He says, "All through dinner I was s**ting it, so I just sat there giggling, fiddling with my watch, thinking to myself, 'You f**king d**k, sort it out!' But the more I thought that, the more d**kish I became.

"I couldn't help it. At one point Newman starts talking about some racing team he was involved in and asked me what I thought. All I could think to say was, 'I like cars, they're really cool.'

"I mean, what a f**king idiot. It wasn't funny at all. You should have seen Hanks - he nearly choked on his salad he was laughing so f**king much."

26/10/2004 17:34