Daniel Craig has dismissed claims his new film THE GOLDEN COMPASS is anti-religious, suggesting the Vatican will one day sell the Philip Pullman books in its gift store. The Bond actor, who attended the movie's U.K. premiere in London on Tuesday night (27Nov07), insists the books are morally sound despite their thinly-veiled critique of the Roman Catholic church, portrayed by the evil, child-kidnapping Magisterium. Craig says, "I'm not surprised at the criticism. I get that. But I think the majority of people who are criticising it haven't read it. These books are not anti-religious. Mainly they're anti-misuse of power - whether it's religious or political. They sell (The Da Vinci Code author) Dan Brown now in the Vatican so I'm sure they'll be selling this there too eventually because it presents a very healthy debate. "It's interesting that people should get so angry because the morals in this book are solid and really good. Any child should read this." The anti-religious content has reportedly been toned down in the film version on the orders of studio New Line cinema, which feared a backlash in the U.S. Star Nicole Kidman was also said to be concerned over perceived anti-Catholic sentiment in the original story.