British actor Daniel Craig has reentered the race to become the next JAMES BOND - after being spotted enquiring about a rare copy of the novel the next 007 movie will be based on.

Intrigue about the identity of Pierce Brosnan's successor has kept Bond fans gripped for months - and handed movie makers valuable publicity.

Craig is among a short-list of favourites to star in the forthcoming remake for IAN FLEMING's first 007 novel Casino Royale, including Clive Owen, Ewan McGregor, Julian McMahon and Hugh Jackman. But a London bookstore owner is convinced he's unearthed the best-kept secret in Hollywood, after Craig asked after a first edition of the novel

PETER ELLIS says, "I told him that he should expect to pay about GBP20,000. He didn't seem particularly surprised at the price, but then he didn't ask me to get him a copy either."