New JAMES BOND star Daniel Craig deliberated for over a year before accepting the iconic role, because he feared it would ruin his career.

The actor didn't jump at the chance to play the suave spy in the new film Casino Royale, because he was afraid he would be typecast forever.

He explains, "I kind of feel that if you look at the track record of most Bonds - I mean Sean Connery obviously defined the part, and even he struggled for a while to get rid of the mantle.

"That's the pitfall and it could happen to me. I've been working so hard, for however long it is I've been doing this, to try and stick to doing stuff I totally believe in and that would be wiped out."

The MUNICH star overcame his ambivalence and eventually accepted the role, taking over from Pierce Brosnan.

Craig adds, "I thought, God, this is all right: I'm doing what I want to do. And that was a huge weight off my shoulders."