Actor Daniel Craig loves doing his own dangerous stunts - because getting injured is an essential part of accurately portraying James Bond. The new 007 wants to make forthcoming Bond film Casino Royale as real as possible by not relying on stunt doubles. Craig tells Empire magazine, "I try to do as much stuff as I can. The stunt team is phenomenal; they're putting their all into this. "And what we'll be doing, which is gonna be so exciting, is that there's not gonna be any painting-in here. What you see is the real thing. "But despite those limitations, I want to do as much as I can, because if I can get my face on camera as much as possible, then people are really gonna believe it's me. "You know the process. It's impossible for me to take too many risks - insurance companies wouldn't let me. I'm just pushing the envelope. The truth is, if you don't get bruised when you're doing Bond, you're not doing it properly. That really is it."