New James Bond star Daniel Craig has been supported by Bond composer DAVID ARNOLD amid a barrage of criticism over the blond actor's casting.

Arnold, who was behind the soundtracks for recent 007 movies Die Another Day, TOMORROW NEVER DIES and The World Is Not Enough, insists he is excited to be working with the Layer Cake actor on latest Bond movie Casino Royale.

And he was especially impressed with Craig's audition.

He says, "Watching Daniel in his screen test, it is going to demand a different approach. People should be very excited about what's going to happen. It's going to be very different.

"Everyone is bound to be nervous because Pierce Brosnan was so good and unquestionably James Bond."

The composer also promises radical changes will update the long-running movie franchise, to make Casino Royale the most exhilarating Bond movie yet.

He adds, "We went as far we could go with what we did in Die Another Day.

"This is going to set out a whole new bunch of formulas and values."