British popstar Daniel Bedingfield would die if he drank a whole can of cola - thanks to a dramatic sugar intolerance.

The GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS crooner is unable to eat or drink sugary products as they sent him into paroxysms of hyperactivity, which got him into trouble when he was at school.

He says, "I'd be rude to teachers - I was a horror at school. I made one of teacher want to stop teaching...she actually stopped and never taught again."

Thankfully, Daniel's eagle-eyed parents spotted their son's allergy soon, with some cunning food-detective work.

He continues, "We basically linked breakfast cereals with sugar in them to me getting sent home from school! My mum linked HONEY PUFFS to my terrible days!"

But despite the hyperactivity and erratic behaviour, Daniel still indulges in the odd sugar dabbling to get him ready for high-powered pop concerts.

He adds, "It also has fantastic side effects cos on stage I go nuts and it makes for a really good show."

03/06/2003 17:08