British pop star Daniel Bedingfield has miraculously survived a second terrifying car crash.

The GOTTA GET THRU THIS hitmaker was travelling from London to Manchester, England in a convoy of cars to meet sister NATASHA to practice their duet for next Wednesday's (09FEB05) Brit Awards, when the car in which he was a passenger was struck by a passing truck.

A member of Bedingfield's entourage explains, "Dan's car pulled onto the hard shoulder so they could get a CD out of the boot.

"Dan was in the passenger seat when the driver opened the door.

"But he hadn't checked his mirrors and a juggernaut smashed into them.

"The door was ripped off and the car really badly mangled."

This smash comes just a year after Bedingfield nearly lost his life in a New Year's Day (1JAN04) car accident in New Zealand - which left him with serious head and neck injuries for six months.

This time the 25-year-old escaped without injury, despite being badly shaken.

Last night (05FEB05) his spokesperson confirmed, "He was concerned he may have hurt his neck again. Luckily he was ok."

06/02/2005 23:23