British pop sensation Daniel Bedingfield has turned down the chance to work with superstars Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson to concentrate on his new album.

The IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE singer, 24, has only just begun to compose again following his horrific car accident in New Zealand in January (04), which left him in a neck brace for months.

A music industry source says, "Daniel's on a mission to make everyone else look dull in comparison.

"When he started recording the album in Los Angeles, he specifically said he wanted beats better than Justin Timberlake. He's determined to make sure the album is full of 'head-nodders' as well as housewife-winning ballads.

"He's had requests from lots of big name stars to write for them, but all he's thinking about is making his own album solid.

He;s turned down both Janet and Mariah recently, although he may look at songwriting for them when his album's complete."

04/08/2004 02:31