Actor Daniel Baldwin has signed on as a part-owner of a weightloss company after shedding over 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) with the firm's work-out plan.
The Mulholland Falls star underwent a massive health transformation in a bid to slim down and now that he's made peace with his new body, he's taken up a business partnership with Michael Skogg to help others tone their physique.
He says, "This is the Skogg system. It's Michael Skogg, who is a fitness guru, and they came to me to and asked me to produce this video. I'd gotten the dreaded 50-year-old physical and my doctor called me and said you need to do something. (My triglycerides) were through the roof.
"He (Skogg) has really refined it to a master science. And I lost over 50 pounds in less than five months. And now I'm going to be building lean muscle mass. I got so interested in it that I'm a part-owner of the company."