Hollywood actor Daniel Baldwin has declared himself a "drug addict", after getting hooked on painkillers.

Baldwin joined VH1's reality show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB to lose weight, but instead viewers saw him sinking into the depths of an addiction to painkillers.

He tells American TV show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, "I am a drug addict. For the last two or three episodes of that show, I was in full blown addiction.

"I was living a really, really deceitful, lying, dirty life. And it went beyond pain medication. I was turning to alternative substances and I then went from pain meds to narcotics, it was immediately worse. I was using every day.

"I've struggled with addiction and problems in sobriety for a number of years and my back was bothering me quite a bit during the show. I've had two cervical spine surgeries on my back in the past and I looked to pain medication. Well, that wasn't enough so I started asking for multiple prescriptions from different doctors and abusing the pain meds. And I knew what I was doing."

The confession comes two months after Daniel was a no-show for the final taping of the reality TV show he appeared in.

He explains, "I passed out and I woke up and it was the following day... I just wanted to say how sorry I am to everyone that watches the show and all my colleagues and peers and the crew. Pray for me because I've got 67 days clean now and I'm doing real well."

14/03/2005 03:23