U.S. racing driver Danica Patrick is battling Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton for the chance to teach Beyonce Knowles how to burn rubber.
Patrick - the first woman to ever win an Indy car race - drove a $350,000 (£225,805) Pagani Zonda Roadster in a music video for the R&B superstar's rapper husband Jay-Z, but Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has reportedly beaten her to pole position on the celebrity grid - the Brit has agreed to take the hip-hop couple for a spin to show Knowles how to drive like a professional.
But Patrick insists she could do a better job.
She tells the New York Daily News, "The theme in Jay-Z's videa) was that the girls kept winning, beating the guys at everything. I zoomed in front of Jay-Z's car. It was exactly my kind of video.
"I want to help her (Beyonce) out! She's a 'conquer all' kind of woman, and I'm sure she'll be great."