Former WONDER YEARS star Danica McKellar is ready to prove to the world she's all grown up - by stripping down to lingerie for a racy magazine shoot.

The 30-year-old mathematics graduate, who played WINNIE COOPER during the show's five-year run, has ditched her good girl image to flash her toned body in the July (05) issue of STUFF magazine.

And McKellar admits it was a bit of an unusual experience.

She says, "I've never even taken pictures in a bathing suit! This is a rite of passage for me. I'm not a little girl anymore.

"I'm guessing that most people are going to be like, 'Oh, look, it's Winnie Cooper!'

"People talk about 'getting rid of the old image', and I guess there's some merit in that. But the truth is that people loved The Wonder Years, and I can't turn my back on it."

And McKellar is hoping her sexy spread will boost her acting career, explaining, "Maybe after this article comes out, people will start giving me grittier roles, but for now people still see me as wholesome."

08/06/2005 09:16