The Tracy Beaker star and her boyfriend Simon Brough have been together for around a year and can't wait to become parents in the summer (16). It's a dream come true for the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, who has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember.

"I absolutely can't wait," she told Britain's Hello! magazine. "I'm also really nervous. But I guess I just have to take each day as it comes. I've always wanted to be a mum."

Dani is famed for starring as wild rule breaker Tracy in the CBBC show, which was based on the books by Jacqueline Wilson. She played the character in a series of programmes, such as The Story of Tracy Beaker, between 2002 and 2012 and knows her pregnancy will come as something of a shock to many of her fans.

"People still see me as a teenager," she laughed. "I did the Rocky Horror Show a couple of years ago and some people were like, 'Hang on... Tracy Beaker's going to be in her underwear on stage?'"

That said, Dani feels completely ready for parenthood and has already thought about the kind of mother she wants to be. It's important to her that she's fun and is a friend to her child, although she'll put rules in place too.

"My mum was really fun and she was a friend as well as a mum," she said. "That's what I'd like to have with my child. I know I can tell my mum absolutely anything.

"I think if you can find the balance between respect and friendship, combining all those things into one, that would be perfect."

It still hasn't completely sunk in that she's having a baby, with Dani admitting she was blown away when she and Simon went to their first scan and saw their little bundle of joy on screen. The pair won't be tying the knot before their new arrival makes an appearance, but do hope to exchange vows in the future.

"We don't want to get married just because we're having a baby," Simon said. "Dani wants the little one to walk up the aisle with us, so we'll have to wait a fair few years for that."