British Tv star Dani Behr has split from her husband after almost nine years of marriage.

The mother-of-two, best known for hosting U.K. shows including 1990s music series The Word, separated from U.S. restaurateur Carl Harwin last July (13).

Behr has blamed the breakdown of the marriage on Harwin's gruelling work schedule.

She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "It wasn't a sudden thing. We were married for almost nine years and we'd been growing apart for some time. We split last July... Carl works such crazy hours. He'd often get home at 11pm and leave before the kids and I woke up the next morning - it was very isolating. I was like a single parent from the beginning."

However, Behr, who is based in Los Angeles with her family, insists the split was amicable, adding, "We're not even using lawyers so it's the best-case scenario as far as divorces go."

The former couple married in 2005 and they have two children, a son and a daughter.