Funnyman Dane Cook felt particularly seedy while filming sex scenes in new comedy GOOD LUCK CHUCK - because he had to pretend to "do it" with 30 different women in 36 days. The actor plays a character who is cursed with the power to help women find their soulmates after sleeping with him, which leaves him unable to find a committed partner. And Cook admits playing a guy who lives from one-night stand to one-night stand proved awkward on the set. He explains, "We had a shooting schedule that was 36 days, so I had to have pantomime sex with one girl a day. We'd be filming scenes and then all of sudden, it would be like, 'OK, we have 22 minutes, let's go film.' "I'd meet this girl and within 10 seconds it would be like, 'Hi, my name is Dane. Very nice to meet you,' and then we're bent over the fruit bowl together. It was just insane. It was like you didn't even have time to like eat a mint for the girl."