Dane Cook's Christmas has gotten off to a creepy start - after discovering his festive tree was infested by hundreds of poisonous spiders.
The funnyman was in the holiday spirit while decorating his family's Christmas tree with his little sister earlier this week (begs21Dec09) - until he spied a venomous brown spider crawling between the branches.
But that was just the start of the holiday horror - Cook then discovered hundreds of its babies had just hatched on top of the tree, prompting the comedian and his sibling to act fast to throw the whole thing out.
He explains, "I had a bit of a Christmas debacle. We get a tree, we decorate it, my sister and I. We come in last night, and at the bottom of the tree you could see this big spider. I was pretty sure it was a brown recluse... When I look up at the star (at the top of the tree), there's a cocoon with hundreds of just hatched spiders. We can't take the decorations off, we just have to get rid of the tree."