Stand-up comedian Dane Cook has broken the record for the longest set at Hollywood's legendary Laugh Factory club with a seven-hour performance.

Cook and Dave Chappelle have been engaged in a lengthy rivalry to hold the club's record after Cook performed a routine lasting three hours and 50 minutes in April 2007, smashing the original club record of two hours and 41 minutes, set by Richard Pryor in 1980.

Comedy Central star Chappelle shattered Cook's record later that month with a routine lasting six hours and seven minutes, before increasing his record by five minutes in early December.

But 35-year-old Boston native Cook has now reclaimed the record after taking the stage at the Los Angeles club at midnight and not departing until 07:00 local time on Wednesday morning.

Writing on his blog yesterday, Cook said: "Quick true or false blurb: Did I really do a record-breaking seven hours of stand-up comedy last night at the Laugh Factory? True.

"I never sat down or left the stage. The show started with a small mighty crowd of around 60, and 35 of us were together this morning still laughing and recapping 2007 with laughs galore. It felt fantastic," says Cook.

The Good Luck Chuck star - soon to be seen on UK screens in Dan In Real Life - ordered food at one point to keep his crowd attentive.

"I talked about anything and everything. From tigers mauling people to my parents' deaths. Reconstructive surgery to starting my very own race war. Sex, drugs and anything else that my brain served up," he writes.

"I knew everyone in the crowd by the end and now they know me too. I dedicate my record-breaking set to all comedians that inspire me past and present."

Club owner Jamie Masada told E! Online that Cook's feat was "amazing".

"Dane kept the energy going. It reminded me at one point of Richard Pryor. He made the audience laugh for seven hours...It was really history-making. It was wonderful."

However Chappelle may ready to take another shot at the record, it seems.

Masada says the 34-year-old left him a voicemail saying: "Man, okay, when can I come in?"

04/01/2008 13:31:08