American rockers THE Dandy Warhols are devastated their successful documentary DIG! raised their profile everywhere except their home town Portland, Oregon.

The rockumentary, which follows the band and their rivals Brian Jonestown Massacre over a seven-year hedonistic spell, has won awards at the Sundance Film Festival but had no impact on their birthplace where locals still treat the group with indifference.

And the band are ready to give up on their dream of ever being revered among the people they care for most.

Guitarist PETER HOLMSTROM says, "Aah, it didn't really change anything.

"It didn't get anybody else into us. The film got press (in America), but only 30,000 people went to a theatre to see it.

"It was a critical success, but we're only in the Portland press, like, if BOWIE's in town and talks about us.

"The only person from Portland who's famous is Gus Van Sant.

"Oh, and the drummer (Patrick Wilson) from Weezer."