Foppish pop-rockers THE Dandy Warhols have looked back to a bygone era for their new album's inspiration - the 1990s.

The longplayer WELCOME TO THE MONKEYHOUSE draws from events in the past decade, but frontman COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR admits world events now are more unsettling.

He says, "(In the 90s) people did bad things like sue each other. Now, we're dropping bombs again. In the 90s it would freak me out that no one would know the BEATLES song BLACKBIRD. Now I have much bigger thing to worry about."

And the Portland, Oregon BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU rockers aren't the greatest fans of US president George W Bush.

Taylor-Taylor describes him as, "A crazy murdering sociopath who doesn't relate to real people."

16/05/2003 13:30