Hope Solo was the unlucky contestant to taste bitter semi final defeat as she was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars just one stage away from the final - a decision the former soccer player found difficult to come to terms with. Of course by this stage it becomes hard to determine clear gaps in quality between the competitors but the stats spoke for themselves and the star's score of 49 points over the three dances was the lowest in the round - Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian had jointly topped the scoring table with 67.
However Solo took it badly, with E! Online reporting that she appeared for the post-show press conference only to break down answering a question in the first interview, leaving in tears - clearly it was a sore disappointment for someone whose clear competitive nature from her former career still lingers strongly.
The soccer player had been complaining about pains in her shoulders on the show, but even in the injury stakes she was beaten by Iraq war veteran Jr Martinez who'd twisted his ankle in training for the latest round. A former veteran isn't going to let something as weedy as that hinder his progress however and he was quick to assure fans, "The ankle feels a lot better" going on to say, "I got some time to rest. I got an X-ray done this morning. The doctor said it's negative and that everything looks good. Now, it's about being strategic: making sure I take care of, wrap it properly and continue to dance!"