'Dancing With The Stars' has made Kelly Osbourne an insomniac.

The reality TV star - who is currently competing in the US celebrity dance-off - is so scared she will forget her routine, she stays up all night memorising it.

The 24-year-old star wrote on her Twitter account: "I cant sleep keep going over samba steps in my head Louis van Amstel has choreographed an amazing dance to a wicked song Lady GaGa 'love game'!!!!! (sic)"

Kelly - the daughter of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne - recently revealed she felt appearing on the show has brought out her "girly" side.

She said: "You're definitely seeing a softer side of me and it's a side I've always been afraid to show because God Forbid Ozzy Osbourne's daughter be girly rather than a punk.

"For the last 23 years of my life I have been called moody and now I can't stop myself from smiling."