Rob Kardashian is to compete on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The reality TV star has negotiated a deal to appear on the show - which sees celebrities matched with professional ballroom dancers in competition with one another - despite initial concerns preparation for the contest would clash with his sister Kim's forthcoming wedding, gossip website TMZ reports.

Rob will be hoping to do better than the only other member of his famous family to have taken part in 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Kim - who will marry Kris Humphries on August 20 - previously danced on the show but was eliminated just three weeks into the contest in 2008.

The 24-year-old model will also be hoping to fare better than his last public contest.

Rob was taken to hospital in November 2009 after taking part in a bout in a special charity boxing evening along with his siblings to raise money for The Dream Foundation.

Kim explained at the time: "When Rob stepped in The Ring to fight, his opponent was at least 25 lbs heavier than him, even though they had assured us that they were screening the people we were fighting against and that they would be within 5 lbs of our weights!

"At one point Rob's mask fell off and when he put his hands down he got hit in the face and ended up in hospital with a concussion.

"Rob's a strong guy and can definitely hold his own, but he wasn't expecting to get hit after his mask had fallen off! This guy just got really down and dirty!"