Dancing With The Stars reached its latest elimination round on Tuesday (April 17, 2012), with Gavin DeGraw finally getting the boot after weeks of below-par performances. The judges were forced to decide between DeGraw and actor Jaleel White after both celebrities had performed a cha-cha routine.
In the end, Len Goodman and company sided with Jaleel and DeGraw was typically gracious in defeat, saying, "Jaleel's more talented than I am.It's been amazing.My family got to have a great time. We reunited in a lot of ways.". The previous night's performances had brought a wide range of scores from the judges, with DeGraw getting a low 19, while frontrunner Katherine Jenkins and William Levy tied for the lead with 29. The evening also featured the return of 'Little House on the Prairie' star Melissa Gilbert, who suffered a head injury last week. The actress danced a competent salsa routine and was rewarded with a score of 21. Musical performances on the elimination night came from Train, who sang new song 'Drive By', and Selena Gomez, who wowed the audience with a rendition of 'Hit the Lights'.