DANA REEVE, the widow of courageous Superman actor CHRISTOPHER, has given her support to US Presidential candidate John Kerry.

Democrat candidate Kerry has frequently pledged he will free scientists to carry out stem cell research on human embryos should he become president, something which President George W Bush is opposed to.

Before his tragic death earlier this month (OCT04), paralysed Reeve campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness about stem cell research because he believed in time it could restore some of his movement.

Introducing Kerry at a Democratic rally in Colombus, Ohio, Dana said of her husband, "His heart was full of hope, and he imagined living in a world where politics would never get in the way of hope.

"He had every plan to walk again and he never once slowed down in his pursuit to forward the most promising and cutting edge science.

"He had hope that one day science would actively restore some of his functions. I am here today because John Kerry, like Christopher Reeve, believes in keeping our hopes alive."

24/10/2004 10:47