DANA REEVE's father CHARLES MOROSINI is relieved his daughter has completed her first batch of lung cancer treatment and is convinced she will beat the disease.

The 43-year-old widow of CHRISTOPHER REEVE - who never smoked - hurried out a statement just 24 hours after the National Enquirer tabloid revealed she had the illness.

And Morosini complains the family have been forced to endure months of heartache, with the Superman actor's death in October (04), followed by the demise of Dana's mother HELEN due to complications following cancer treatment.

But he's certain his daughter will defeat the disease.

Morosini says, "We are a very close family and are trying to get on with life as normal but the last nine months have not been terribly kind.

"Dana is still in very high spirits. She has just finished her first batch of treatment. She looks well and is determined to fight this thing."