Actress Dana Delany was nursing two broken fingers on the set of new U.S. TV drama BODY OF PROOF after a terrifying car crash two weeks before filming began.
The Desperate Housewives star plays Doctor Megan Hunt in the medical show and her real life ended up mirroring the plot.
She tells E! Online, "I was hit by a bus two weeks before we started filming and broke two fingers, exactly like (Megan's) accident in the pilot (episode).
"I was in Santa Monica, 8:30 in the morning, and my car was totalled, and I'm lucky to be alive... As I was turning, they hit my passenger's side."
And Delany was left shocked when the driver of the other vehicle approached her: "The irony is, when I got out of the car the driver said, 'I know who you are! Can I have your autograph?'"