Dana Carvey performed a 'Wayne's World' sketch during his hosting of Saturday Night Live at the weekend (5th February 2011).
DANA CARVEY, the American actor and comedian, reprised his role 'Garth' from the hit movie 'Wayne's World' when he hosted SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend. Mike Myers who played 'Wayne' in the original cult movies, also appeared in the skit. Carvey and Myers first made the characters famous during their 'SNL' tenure, and the much-loved sketch spawned the hit movies 'Wayne's World' in 1992 and the sequel 'Wayne's World 2' a year later. The theme behind Saturday's new sketch was the upcoming Academy Awards and 'Wayne' and 'Garth' mentioned the movie 'Winters Bone' several times, as well as making reference to Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller 'Black Swan' and Facebook movie 'The Social Network'. The pair also reprised their famous catchphrase, 'No Way?' 'Way!'.
The biggest surprise of the night was reserved for the appearance of Justin Bieber, who was not listed in the opening credits, nor mentioned in the show's opening. However, the pop superstar appeared alongside Carvey in two sketches, including a return of the character 'Church Lady', a favourite of the comedians during his time as an SNL cast-member.