LATEST: Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has been branded a "deadbeat" by lawyers for failing to keep up child maintenance payments for his son JUSTIN.

The hip-hop superstar is required by court order to pay $35,000 (GBP19,400) a month to MYSA HYLTON-BRIM, his son's mother, but Brim's lawyer, BRETT KIMMEL, told New York's Westchester Family Court that Combs did not make his August and September (04) payments.

Kimmel told website PAGESIX.COM, "Throughout the proceedings, Mr Combs has always acted as though he is above the law. Of course, he is not and he will be dealt with accordingly. What makes this recent behaviour even more distasteful, however, is that not only is he disrespecting the judge, but now he is doing harm to his son."

Combs' representative, Dan Klores argued, "This is a case of a woman whose feelings are hurt because her husband, JOSEPH, just left her. She's trying to do the best for her other two children, but that doesn't mean Sean Combs should be responsible for those other two kids."

Combs' lawyer, PETER GALASSO, added: "($35,000 a month is) patently unreasonable and we are confident it will soon be reversed. Any increase in support will be likely utilized by Mysa Brim and (for) her other two children's lifestyles rather than in any way benefit Mr. Combs' already contented son."

10/09/2004 17:17