American electronic musician Dan Deacon has cancelled the remainder of his U.S. tour after he was hospitalised with severe back problems.
The singer is suffering from acute sciatica and was terrified when the pain became so unbearable he had to be rushed to hospital.
Deacon has now pulled his last five dates, scheduled for later this month (Nov09), including three in New York.
Taking to social networking website Facebook, Deacon writes: "On Wednesday evening the pain had come to a peak. It was impossible to bear and it was frightening, since I had no idea why this was happening. I need to focus more on my health, which will lead to a clearer mind and a more focused music. I'm excited about the future and the various paths that are being presented ahead of me. I'm not sure what the future will bring but hopefully I'll see you there."
Deacon is planning to reschedule the concerts at a later date.