Openly-gay actor Dan Bucatinsky contemplated suicide during his youth after he was relentlessly bullied over his sexuality.

The Scandal star reveals he felt hopeless when he was a teenager and thought his life would never improve - so he seriously thought about ending his own life.

He tells U.S. Tv host Oprah Winfrey, "I remember promising myself that if there wasn't something at the other side of this, that if I wound up being gay at 18 and there wasn't something better, that I would kill myself. I made a vow to myself."

However, Bucatinsky admits he really didn't want to commit suicide and ultimately used his experiences to teach him to be proud of his sexuality.

He continues, "I didn't want to die and I wasn't suicidal, but I just thought to myself, this is so unjust... It became a motivator, it became, 'Ok, I'm going to make sure that I don't want to kill myself and I don't wanna die, so I better do something...', but I never imagined, cut to years later and (I'm like), 'I'm exactly what you said I was and I'm married and I've got kids.' That's the biggest turn around, 'Yeah, I'm exactly what you called me, I'm a homosexual... (and I claimed) it."