Movie star Dan Aykroyd's favourite Christmas decoration is a gift he was given from someone who didn't really like the BLUES BROTHERS star.

The funnyman can't celebrate the holidays until he's nailed his plastic and neon Labatts beer sign to his front door.

The tasteless sign, which has seen better days, has become a permanent fixture at the Aykroyd family house ever since the actor chose to first put it up to annoy the neighbour who bought it for him.

He says, "It's a guy holding two cases of Labatts Black Label. He looks blasted out of his mind. It's supposed to depict someone coming to your front door with the beer and the Christmas

cheer, and his face is floored and the nose is all balled up.

"The thing is this guy has obviously been to four houses before he hit your place with the cases. I've had it for so long that the lights have kind of melted one eye so it's got kind of a Phantom Of The Opera thing going on.

"That's my favourite Christmas decoration in my farmhouse up in Canada. As you drive up to the back door and park he greets

you when you come to the door. It was a gift from someone who didn't like me."

27/12/2004 01:37