Film star Dan Aykroyd has blamed magician David Blaine for inviting people to attack him as he attempts to go 44 days without food.

The American illusionist has suffered a barrage of insults and various missiles ranging from eggs to paint-filled balloons as he hangs suspended in a Perspex box above London's RIVER THAMES.

However, unlike most commentators who have blamed the abuse on the ill-mannered London public, Aykroyd believes the attacks on Blaine are a positive thing.

He says, "If you set yourself up as a target, you are going to get whacked. I think throwing things comes from people expressing themselves. It brings out a bit of anarchy in people."

But, the BLUES BROTHERS star is still a big fan of Blaine.

He says, "I like what Blaine is doing. His stunt is all about endurance and sacrifice. He is doing it to inspire people to do things differently."

01/10/2003 17:13