GHOSTBUSTERS star Dan Aykroyd gets into trouble with his wife when he recalls stories about the couple's haunted Los Angeles home - because she fears they'll never be able to sell up.

The movie funnyman insists two 1960s ghosts haunt his home - the spirit of pop icon MAMA CASS and a man who died in his bedroom.

And the actor has had many encounters with his silent housemates, including one when his male ghost spent the night sleeping next to him.

Aykroyd recalls, "I was alone there and I was lying in bed and I felt the door came open and I was kinda in a half sleep... and I felt the mattress behind me depress, like something was sitting down on it.

"I look and I saw an indentation. I thought, `Well, this is not the cat, it's not the dog, the kids aren't home, my wife's not here, this has to be the guy who died in the house in the 60s.'

"Not meaning to discriminate, I just wiggled right up next to him and it was a rump-to-rump sleep for the night and I slept quite fine.

"My wife hates when I tell that story because someday we're gonna have to sell the house and what's the chance of that happening now?"

11/07/2005 09:29