GHOST BUSTERS star Dan Aykroyd has decided to ditch traditional Christmas celebrations this year (04), in favour of taking his family away to explore Thailand's jungles.

The actor and his wife DONNA plan to take their children with them on a sun-soaked vacation to escape the sweep of Yuletide activities in North America.

He says, "We're kinda gonna (ditch) the whole traditional Christmas thing (this year)... Western society and community, we're very tied into Christmas. We have to conform...

"I believe we should be nice to each other all year round, not only at Christmastime. Why do we trot out these goodwill values just then?

"So Donna and I agreed that we're gonna travel for Christmastime, and there'll be no GAME BOYS, there'll be no BARBIES to get naked. Every house with girls has naked Barbies. So no toys. We're going to go to the Far East, to Thailand, where no one will know us and (enter) the jungle."

16/11/2004 02:12