Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd has reluctantly decided to support American President George W Bush, despite being a staunch Democrat.

The Ghostbusters actor described his pet hate is American consumerism in an interview with movie website DARKHORIZONS.COM.

Canadian-born Aykroyd says, "The common enemy in North America is the western consumer. The consumer has driven oil up to $50 a barrel so we have to have these wars.

"Canadians like their nice western lifestyle, too. They like that nice oil below $100 a barrel and in fact, the frightening thing is that, next to Saudi Arabia, we have the largest reserve of oil in the world. I love my American wife and my American-born children, but the line will have to be drawn if the sites are set on Alberta."

Despite his liberal views, Aykroyd claims Americans must unite to help the war in Iraq end as soon as possible.

He explains, "I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Canadian liberal so there's certain aspects of my character that would have like to have seen a Democratic victory in this nation here, but now that the President has been re-elected I think its incumbent upon us to all stop moping and give him the four years to finish off this conflict and get things going.

"We've got to support him as the Commander in Chief and we've got to support those young men and women who are out there protecting our big fat bloated lifestyle."

01/12/2004 17:12