Actor Damon Wayans has defended disgraced U.S. radio DJ DON IMUS for referring to a mostly-black women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos", insisting his views should be protected by freedom of speech laws. The African-American star claims he would rather know what Imus, who was fired from CBS Radio earlier this year (07) for his remark, thinks than for his controversial opinions to be censored. In an interview on U.S. TV show The View on Wednesday (07Nov07), Wayans said, "Freedom of speech, what happened to that? What happened to expressing yourself? At least I know where he stands. "And you know what? When he called them nappy-headed ho's, I went, 'Wow, he's right!' "Black people at home are laughing right now. White people are going, 'That's not right!' It's all cultural." Single Wayans then went on to explain how he's searching for a woman who can cook, much to the outrage of the show's four female hosts and mainly female audience. He said, "Women today, most women I run into, don't want to do the fundamentals. They don't cook... I make the money so she can make something to cook."