Damon Wayans and Andy Dick have become the latest comedians to utter the N-word in public and receive their comeuppance for doing so. TMZ.com, the website that first reported on the incident involving Seinfeld star Michael Richard last month, said Wednesday that Dick, the former costar of NewsRadio, stunned patrons at The Improv in Hollywood Monday night when he shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of n*****s. Dick apologized the following day, issuing a statement saying, "In an attempt to make light of a serious subject [the Richards matter], I have offended a lot of people, and I am sorry for my insensitivity." Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times said that Wayans was banned for three months from the Laugh Factory, the site of Richards' racial tirade, when he opened his routine Tuesday night by remarking, "Give yourselves a big round of applause for coming down and supporting n****r night." The newspaper said that he repeated the word 15 times during his appearance.