Rap mogul Damon Dash's drive to encourage young African-Americans to vote on Saturday (14FEB04) proved to be a success - with 60,000 new voters registering.

The HIP-HOP SUMMIT ACTION NETWORK's (HSAN) HIP-HOP SUMMIT was held at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, and featured dozens of hip-hop stars promoting the cause, including Snoop Dogg and Kanye West.

Def Jam co-founder RUSSELL SIMMONS says, "Damon's running the LA Hip-Hop Summit is an example of how this movement his many leaders and can't be stopped."

Dash adds, "The hip-hop community is so powerful and, while some of us have been very successful entrepreneurs, it's just as important to acknowledge that we're part of a larger community.

"We can make a difference by doing our part to empower kids to change the world. Voting is an important step toward that."

20/02/2004 02:47