Damon Dash's ex-girlfriend is making a new bid for custody of their 17-year-old son, insisting the rap mogul is a bad influence on the kid.
A court ordered Linda Williams to hand over Damon 'Boogie' Jr to Dash back in September (08), but she alleges her ex is a bad dad; fuming at reports he took their underage son to a nightclub on New Year's Eve (31Dec08) to teach him how to DJ.
Williams is also upset about claims her ex is letting their son skip school.
She tells the New York Post, "A child should not be in an adult club that serves alcohol. Did anyone even check his ID? His father should stop trying to make a dollar off him and get him back into high school.
"I'm happy for my son that he is pursuing DJing, but not at the expense of school."
The pair are due to clash in court at the next custody hearing next week (begs 19Jan09).
Dash has offered no comment.