Music producer Damon Dash's recent record label signing SAS caused so much trouble at an after-show party for Kanye West, police were called in to break-up the brawl on Thursday night (20MAY04).

The ROC-A-FELLA hip-hop group started a massive fight at the American rapper's party at London's PANGAEA, after refusing to obey staff's requests to leave their drinks behind as they exited the club.

An onlooker says, "The guys from SAS were full of attitude. And all hell broke loose when they were told they couldn't leave with their booze.

"A manager got hit in the head and fists and sticks were flying all over the place."

A police spokesperson confirms, "Police were called to a minor scuffle. There were people wielding sticks, but everything died down in minutes."

23/05/2004 10:24