Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash's ex-lover has been ordered to return their 16-year-old son to him immediately after a New York judge ruled in the star's favour in an ongoing custody battle.
Damon Jr. was allegedly enrolled by his mother Linda Williams at a school in Long Island, New York after a visit to her home last week (beg01Sep08).
But Dash, who has sole custody of the teenager, had reportedly planned for him to attend school in the city's Upper West Side.
Judge Susan Knipps ruled at a Manhattan Family Court hearing on Wednesday (10Sep08) that Williams must return Damon Jr. to his father immediately or face legal consequences.
Knipps threatened to issue an arrest warrant for Williams - who did not turn up at the hearing - but held off amid concerns over whether or not she had been properly notified.
Williams has been ordered to make a court appearance on Monday (15Sep08).
Dash's lawyer, Robert Wallack, said, "Damon's position is we expect the child to be turned over immediately, and we expect Ms. Williams to comply with the judge's orders."