Music mogul Damon Dash has bombarded Jamelia with flowers and jewellery in the hope of romancing her - but the British singer is "far too busy".

The Roc-A-Fella Records boss has been trying to woo the sexy star with romantic gestures after meeting her through singer Lemar.

But Jamelia has rebuffed his advances.

A source says, "He heard her latest single SEE IT IN A BOY'S EYES and thought it was fantastic.

"He also hopes to work with her in future but, for now, would like to wine and dine her.

"So he sent her messages, flowers, jewellery and champagne.

"He wants to invite her to one of his yacht parties in St Tropez (France).

"But Jamelia is far too busy - she is working around the clock."

01/08/2004 14:24