OL' DIRTY BASTARD's widow ICELENE JONES claims hip-hop mogul Damon Dash owes money to the late rapper's estate, according to court documents. Jones filed papers in Brooklyn Surrogate Court in October (06) during her ongoing battle for control of the Wu-Tang Clan star's estate with his mother Cherry Jones and former manager JARRED WEISFELD. In the documents, Icelene alleges Dash paid $1 million (GBP512,000) to the rapper for the rights to his last album A SON UNIQUE, which was expected to hit stores last month (07NOV06). Both Weisfeld and Icelene claim Dash owes "a couple hundred thousand more" dollars and is yet to pay, the New York Post reports. The court papers read, "If money is still owed to the estate... Mr Dash does not intend to pay them and will drop his plans to release the record." Icelene claims Cherry has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of ODB's money, saying, "It appears that $200,000 to $500,000 of funds belonging to (ODB) may have been misused or be owed by Cherry Jones to the estate." In response, Weisfeld says, "That's the most retarded allegation I've ever heard in my life. Icelene knows where all that money went - it went to Icelene. All Dirty did was take care of her." ODB, born RUSSELL JONES, died of a drug overdose in a Manhattan recording studio on 13 November 2004.