Damon Dash has launched a blistering attack on his new signing VICTORIA BECKHAM's record company TELSTAR - describing them as "the dumbest motherf***ers I've ever worked with".

The ROCAWEAR hip hop svengali is furious after Telstar objected to his attempts to turn the former SPICE GIRL into a rap star - and are refusing to release the album they have recorded together.

Dash fumes, "Victoria's record label Telstar is retarded. They are the dumbest motherf***ers I have ever worked with. They are a load of s***. They don't know what they're doing. I could buy Telstar if I wanted to but why would I?"

A Telstar insider retorts, "It's just sour grapes. We don't like the album. It isn't what we want and we prefer her other material. He's now trying to flog it."

01/10/2003 13:59