LATEST: Rap mogul Damon Dash's chances of escaping criminal charges narrowed last week (begs24OCT05) when he allegedly yelled profanities from a car at the founder of his magazine America - just weeks after reportedly assaulting the journalist.

SMOKEY D FONTAINE, editor and co-chief executive officer of the publication, claims he was walking in New York City when Dash pulled alongside him in a vehicle and proceeded to shout abuse at him.

And the reporter is now even more eager to press criminal charges, having already filed a police report against Dash at the end of September (05) which accused the hip-hop giant of punching him in the chest and knocking him over a chair.

Dash strenuously denies the attack.

He told the New York Daily News, "Would I be dumb enough to do something like that? I always think violence is the last means and the last resort. I never advocate violence."

Dash is still fighting a $15 million (GBP8.3 million) rape suit brought against him by former model KIRSTIE THOMPSON.

He says, "People use my demeanor and the fact that I come from the hip-hop culture as a way to extort me for money.

"It will never happen. I'll never pay a dollar for something I didn't do.