Hip-hop tycoon Damon Dash maintains he sold his 25 per cent stake in the Rocawear fashion label because the company no longer reflects the person he has become.

Dash, who now hopes to concentrate on other business ventures including wife Rachel Roy's clothing line, feels let down by the Rocawear executives who changed its direction.

He says, "I feel like my partners don't understand what I'm trying to represent. We were getting a bit too demographic."

The rap mogul also hits out at claims he abused company funds: "I think they (the partners) felt like I was using Rocawear money to fund everything else I was doing when, in actuality, I was funding other companies out of my own pocket."

Dash hopes the closure of the deal will spell an end to his much-publicised rift with business colleague Jay-Z.

He says, "At least I hope we're all happy. I don't know what they're going to do with my 25 per cent but I don't even care. Just give me my money."