Music mogul Damon Dash has been accused of taking his teenage son to visit a relative's dead body in a morgue.
Linda Williams - the mother of Dash's 16-year-old son Damon Dash II - has added the claim to her ongoing custody battle with the star.
She insists the star took their son to a mortuary to identify his uncle, who had committed suicide by a gunshot to the head.
In documents filed at the Family Court of the State of New York, Williams further claims her son - who is currently residing with Dash - is "living with not hot water (sic) or electricity for two months in his bedroom".
Williams demands Dash pay $3,600 (GBP1,800) for their son to go to the city's Hoftstra Basketball Camp and place $10 million (GBP5 million) in a trust fund.
Williams has been fighting Dash for custody since 2003.
Dash - who is expecting his second child with wife Rachel Roy - was unavailable for comment.