Furious hip-hop mogul Damon Dash is threatening to release a song criticising a store which refuses to sell his ROCAWEAR clothing line.

The owner of Roc-A-Fella Records warned that both upmarket Los Angeles store Fred Segal and department manager KAREN MEENA, could see themselves immortalised in his next piece of work.

Dash's fury arose after Meena told Dash that because Rocawear was stocked at BLOOMINGDALE'S and other stores, Fred Segal preferred to stock more exclusive brands like TRIPLE 5 SOUL and ACADEMICS.

Meena made matters worse when she described Rocawear "too urban".

An eyewitness reports the outraged multi-millionaire proceeded to lecture the offending lady on why his label was far superior to its rivals, and berated her for using terms she did not understand.

When Meena finally said, "I'm not going to sit here and argue with you," Dash hit back with, "You're just a store manager - I run a corporation."

This was when Dash, currently giving ex-SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham's ailing career a helping hand, ranted, "I can one-up you. I'll put out a record trashing you and Fred Segal."

Dash's spokesperson says, "When Damon asked why Fred Segal didn't carry Rocawear, she said it was 'too urban'. He said, 'Why is my line too urban, because it's run by an urban person?' He said she was very disrespectful."

08/08/2003 17:18